Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Clash of the Sexes (age old saga)

Lately, after a casual exchange of messages with a fellow blogger on the topic of Hindi grammar, the tone of discussion moved towards a more complicated and controversial topic. The final question which came forward and made me write this post was – If it is okay to address a daughter as a “son”, is it also okay and acceptable to address a son as a “daughter” ?
If we can call our daughters as “beta”, will it also not show equal treatment by addressing both boys and girls as “beti”?

Now, this question is hanging on a fine line between the heat of the Icelandic Volcano and the waters of Japanese Tsunami. A reply to this question will result in offending either one group of people – either the feminists or chauvinists. Let me take them one by one:

Yes: This will bring the wrath of all male members of my species upon me for addressing them as a female. To some, it would be even offensive to be called as daughter. Some might even interpret it as being regarded weak and some would even consider it dishonourable.

No: This will unleash all the horrors of the world on me by the female members of my species that I am a MCP (Male Chauvinist Pig), that I degrade all the women of the world with that reply. Some will get offended that this would mean they are inferior human beings.

Incidentally, just yesterday I read two articles back to back which made me wonder that if someone from Europe must be reading it, it would be pretty confusing for him/her. Because it might raise some valid questions like:
If there are women at such high and influential places in Indian political system then how is it possible that there are record numbers of female infanticides in India ?
If the deity for wealth and power as per the sanatan dharam of India are Goddess Lakshmi and Durga, then how is it possible that women are bought and sold for marriages in India ?
If the women in India really want equal status in the society then why does she need special favours of reservations from seats in buses to the parliament ?

So, the dynamics of current Indian society are such that it can be tough to come up with a valid and logical answer to many of the above questions.

Coming back to the question of current topic, in my opinion no son would like to be addressed as “beti” but at the same time no daughter would mind being addressed as “beta” (of course exceptions are always there)

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Sudeep said...

Perfectly explained I would say :)