Monday, November 19, 2012

The Emperor Has No Clothes

So, finally the American elections are over. The madness has ended. The so called under-the-belt attacks from both parties are done with, at least for another 4 years. I get appalled each time during the American elections to see the hoopla around it, the magnanimous amount of money being spent on it. A campaign which resembles a completely corporate like thing. The candidates wearing chic dresses, driving top class cars, attending charity dinners at some of the top restaurants and hotels, all in the name of bringing better life for its citizens. Everything is so prim and proper and meticulously planned to every minute detail that it appears so fake and false. The candidates seems to be totally cut-off from the 'real' life of the people. It somehow gives me the impression of the olden times when the emperors used to live a life completely opposite from the lives of its folks. The thing which surprises me the most is to see common people getting so emotionally involved in the elections, taking part in huge numbers during the rallies, crying and cheering and waving. It find it quite unrealistic.

I felt kind of sympathy with this cute kid and her innocence when I saw her on youtube. I could completely understand her pain.

And then I read this article today, titled 'Jose Mujica: The world's poorest president'. The first thoughts in my head reading the title was that he must be from some small and unknown country, but to my surprise he was from Uruguay. Yes, it is a small country but not like it can be ignored from the world. Anyways, I was quite surprised that people with such thought process could also live and lead a complete nation in today's world. I could relate very well with his ideas and comments mentioned in the article. But then I asked myself, does the majority of the people living under his leadership also share similar ideas for life? Do they also want to live a life like him? Is he correct in his thinking? What would be the shape of the world if more and more people would think like him? Are we not making our lives more complicated day by day by increasing our consumption appetite? There were so many more questions running in my head like wildfire. I could not find a concrete answer to any of my questions.