Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Brittany - Day 3

I got up a little early around 5:30 to see the sunrise. It was a splendid view from the balcony.

After sometime I decided to enjoy the morning breeze so picked my sweatshirt (was little chilly in the morning) and took a walk on the concrete side walk just next to the beach. I came back to my room around 7 and again took a short nap. We got ready and after having our breakfast at the hotel, we headed to explore a new town and the destination of the day was Dinan.

Dinan is an old medieval town. One of the peculiar things about this town was that it was well preserved and still had some very old buildings. When I say old, it means around 13-14 century. The walled city had a Chateau (castle) in the middle of the city. A peculiar thing about some old buildings in this town was that they had wooden supports/beams. In some cases, even the floor was made completely of wood rather than concrete even on first or second floors. I don’t think I have seen it so commonly elsewhere.

After having our lunch at a restaurant we further explored the city. We walked along the city walls. The view was great from there.

We came back to St Malo in the evening around 5 and went to out hotel rooms to freshen up. I took my book and sat on the bench outside our hotel facing the sea. After a while, the others joined me and then we all went for a walk. K was having a fast that day so he was skipping lunch. We walked to the main city in the night for dinner and K decided to stay back. D did some souvenir shopping. This time for dinner we opted for an Algerian restaurant. The restaurant was pretty impressive with a lot of carvings on the wall. Out of curiosity we asked the owner about it and he said that he had brought some carpenters from Algeria for a month to do the carvings. The owner was a humorous middle aged guy and kept us entertained with his talks for sometime. D and I had couscous with vegetables and A had some traditional dish made from eggplant. We had our daily dose of calorie bomb aka dessert after dinner and headed back to our hotel.

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