Monday, May 30, 2011

Brittany - Day 2

After our night stay near St Mont Michel, the destination for the next day was St Malo. It was a nice historical place near the sea which has a walled city. We reached St Malo around noon and looked for a hotel along the sea beach. There were many hotels so we decided to check the prices of a couple of hotels and finally selected one. And old lady was running the place with no knowledge of English. But we still managed to book the rooms. We got rooms on the second floor facing the sea with a balcony. It reminded me of a dialogue from the movie, Mr India: karma, kamre kea age balcony, balcony kea age sand beach, beach ke aage samundar. I really liked the hotel and the view from there. The weather was not the best when we arrived but luckily it got better along the day.

The hotel was outside the walled city and nearer to the sea beach. After checking in, we decided to go on a stroll along the sea towards the main city for lunch. A friend I met on the way (pic below) reminded me of the movie Abyss.

The area is more famous for its oysters and other sea food but most of us being vegetarians had to look for other options. The inside of the walled city had a lot of shops and eating places. After walking around the city for a while, we decided to have some Paninis for lunch.

We went back to our hotel after lunch since D wanted to take a nap. K wanted to enjoy the sea water so he spent time on the beach. A sat with me doing chit chat on a bench outside our hotel facing the sea admiring its waves and in the meantime I also updated the travel journal. About an hour later D also joined us. We all then decided to walk towards the small island formed due to low tides. The view of the walled city from there was pretty nice.

After exploring the small island and taking enough pictures, we walked towards the city for our dinner. This time we opted for Italian cuisine. The walk back till the hotel was good for food digestion as we were feeling an urge for a dessert. We all then went to a small bakery nearby to treat us with some calorie bombs :)

The sunset on our way back.

So, it was a nice end to a relaxing and lazy day by the sea.

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