Monday, May 19, 2014

LS Elections 2014 - Result Highlights - C,D

- Kirron Kher of the BJP won her seat from Chandigarh against Pawan Kumar Bansal of INC and Gul Panag of AAP.
- Kirron Kher was contesting her first LS election.
- Pawan Kumar Bansal is a  four time MP from Chandigarh for INC. He was forced to resign because his nephew was allegedly implicated in a Railway bribery scam.
- Gul Panag had an active presence online on Twitter, Facebook etc.

- BJP won 10 out of 11 constituencies. INC won 1. Exact copy of the results from LS elections in 2009, w.r.t. numbers.
- BJP lost the Durg constituency to INC as compared to 2009.
- INC lost the Korba constituency to BJP  as compared to 2009.
- Activist Soni Sori was the star candidate from Bastar for AAP but failed to win against Dinesh Kashyap (son of former MP) of BJP.

Dadar Nagar Haveli
- BJP regained their seat from the single constituency.

Daman & Diu
- BJP regained their seat from the single constituency.

- BJP made a clean sweep over all the 7 constituencies in Delhi. INC had won all the 7 seats in 2009.
- BJP, AAP and INC had well known candidates from all the seven constituencies and therefore was supposed to be a tough fight for all.
- My personal surprises were: Bhojpuri actor Manoj Tiwari of BJP winning a Delhi seat; Journalist Ashish Khetan of AAP who is well known for exposing many scams losing; Social activist Rakhi Birla of AAP losing; Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, Rajmohan Gandhi of AAP losing; Former journalist and social activist Jarnail Singh of AAP, well known for fighting for Sikh causes losing from a constituency with majority of Sikhs.
- Parvesh Verma of the BJP is the son of former Delhi Chief Minister Sahib Singh Verma who won the West Delhi seat. He also has criminal charges against him.


The Gardener said...

One good thing is that a stable Government has been established and the Indira Dynasty has been demolished. I have some reservations about Narendra Modi but I liked his statement at Vadrodra that in the Elections there are no enemies, only competitors. Once the 'competition' is over, the Government that is formed is of all and not only of those voters who supported it. said...

I am hoping against all hopes that he would bring the change which India desperately needs. Since taking the PM Office, I am still waiting to see some change in the workings. So far, I see business as usual.