Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The UP tussle

Being very close to UP, I could not help myself commenting on a post from a fellow blogger on the results of UP elections. The comment ended up looking like a post in itself so thought of posting it here as well. So, here are my two cents ....

If the results truly represent people’s mandate (assuming the polls were conducted fairly), then this result was not at all surprising for me. Reasons (as a summary):
1. BJP is like a misfire. A bullet which has no direction. People dont really care about religion and community anymore. Its a time of Reality shows and not Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan.
2. Congress cant fake it anymore. Wearing khadi and spending nights in huts wont impress anyone. People might still be illiterate but not innocent and dumb anymore.
3. BSP cant flash its parks and elephants anymore. People are not blind and Dalit pride is all good but as long as the people dont have food to eat 3 times a day, it wont work. Its the time of Roadies and not ethics of BR Ambedkar. Dalits have given up on the change they were expecting from Bhenji.
4. SP with the usual fake promises but this time in English. Crime scene hasn’t changed drastically and people dont care for gang wars. Who cares if 2 gangsters die trying to kill each other. Moreover, people are with the attitude that Chalo, lets try imli ki chatney this time instead of pudine ki chutney.

Some fascinating stuff I found lately at
More than 50% of candidates in UP did not even had a graduate degree. Many of them were just 8th Class pass. And the icing to the cake was one Dr. Subodh Kumar contesting from Noida with a Doctorate degree but also with a criminal case for attempted murder ... 

So much for Mr Dr ! :)


Vetrimagal said...

And in Uttarakhand an honest and uptight Major.Gen. Kanduri is defeated, with the help of his own party!

In Goa, a priest who only talks and does good gets only 2000 votes, again defeated by his own Church administration!

Who said people want good leaders? .
We deserve the people we elect?

Dr Mandeep Khanuja said...

hahaaa last bit was good. said...

I find it pretty amusing to see such facts about Indian politicians specially when I see in Germany politicians made to resign for things which in India would be counted as kindergarten stuff.
Defense Minister (Guttenberg) resigned due to criticism for plagiarism in his doctoral thesis.
President of Germany (Wulff) recently resigned due to allegations that he took a private loan from a businessman friend.

Neha Writes said...

Update: Raja Bhaiya has got a cabinet berth. Kya hoga UP ka! said...

Time to get new and bigger house locks in UP. Or wait, I even have a better idea. Why not give every adult in UP a state sponsored gun. Everyone to watch his own back like in the good old wild west :P