Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sitting by the window

It was a sunny winter Sunday morning. He was sitting on the top deck of the train, right next to the window. With plugs of his I-Pod tucked into his ears, he was enjoying the music and the soothing rays of the winter sun through the glassed window. Usually, with a book in his hands on such journeys, he decided not to read that day but to enjoy the nature through the window for a change. Everything seemed so lively under the bright sun.

Suddenly, he noticed a 20-something girl sitting diagonally opposite and facing him on the other side of the aisle, sitting up-straight next to the window. Her blond hair, neatly pleated into a pony tail, her doe colored eyes constantly fixed at the window without batting an eyelid, her white skin shining in the warm sunshine falling on her face as and when the train took a turn, a colorful scarf wrapped around her neck, wearing a red t-shirt and a rainbow printed on it with a pair of jeans to complete the look. If there was ever a cast made to make women, they should model it on her, or so as he thought.

He continued to stare at her for a while till he felt it was not right. He tried to divert his mind by opening a book but it didn't worked. He tried to concentrate on the music but somehow he couldn't. He tried to look out of the window to see the passing fields but nothing was working. With each effort of taking his mind off her, he desired one more look. It was not lust up his head but actually the appreciation of beauty. But still he was fighting with his own self made morals. On one side his morals were trying to stop him but on the other he was feeling helpless from within.

Totally oblivious of the storm she created within him, was she sitting so calmly still continuing to look out the window. He got a little curious as to what was she watching out but didn't care much after a while. He kept thinking in his mind that maybe he go up to her to give a compliment on her beauty but the introvert as he was, never dared to step up. He kept sitting at his place with his eyes oscillating between her and his window. He thanked God for cheering up his day.

All he was hoping was that she stays there till he reaches his destination. But, like all good things come to an end, she had to get off at the next stop, long before his wish. The loudspeakers announced the next stop. She took her jacket lying next to her and tried to get ready. Preparing to leave, she pulled her bag from beneath her seat and opened its zipper. He was watching her all this time. His eyes fixed on her. Still looking out the window, she was searching for something in her bag. She then pulled out a white fold-able stick and opened it along its length. With her eyes looking straight, she cautiously stepped down the stairs from the top deck to the train door and left.  

His brain felt numb for a moment. His heart felt like a crack forming in it, like the one made by a small insignificant pebble on a highway which flies up and hit the front glass of a car. How is that possible? How can God be so heartless? Why to give someone such eyes but with no life in them? He was not able to come to terms with what just happened in a few seconds. All he was left with, was this song by Batalvi playing on his I-Pod link


Purba said...

Because God doesn't want her to see the unpleasant?

CATGIRL !! said...

awww,,dat's so sad..Thank GOD it's not true :-))

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Best of Luck for ur blogging. said...

Purba: but then denying her to see the traits of pleasant as well ? :)

Catgirl: sometimes fiction is based on true events :)