Thursday, February 16, 2012

Resting in Peace

Quite often we talk about ourselves running around like looney tunes trying to get everything possible in this world. Like, at the end it would leave us happy ! Usually, that is not the case but we learn it often the hard way. 

Anyways, I was reading a blog today which reminded me of something that I had posted before on my blog here. It also reminded me that I had another story of Alexander the Great or Sikandar (as we know him in the subcontinent) to share.

After winning the rest of the world, Sikandar eyed the wealth of India. So, he along with his legions marched towards India. When trying to enter India, he and his army had to cross a river. While crossing the river, Sikandar saw a Sage lying around leisurely outside his hut on the river banks. It made him curious. Sikandar went to him and ask what are you doing ? The Sage replied that he was "resting in peace". The answer left Sikandar a little confused. He thought, what a useless guy and carried on with his march.

Sikandar went on his conquest of capturing many kingdoms of Northern India which eventually took its toll on may lives. Cities were ruined, people were killed, all for the sake of more and more. On his way back after winning the kingdoms and extending his empire, his caravan again passed through the same Sage he met on his way to India. Sikandar made it a point to visit the Sage and talk to him. He went to the Sage and proudly declared what he had won and how he had extended the boundaries of his empire. After listening Sikandar's tales of glory, the Sage asked him, O King, what will you do now once you have won almost the complete world ? Feeling satisfied, Sikandar replied, I will now be "resting in peace". Amused at Sikandar's reply, the Sage laughed at him. Sikandar, finding a little discomfort in the the Sage's laugh asked him what was so amusing in that ? The Sage replied, what you will do now, is what I was doing when you passed me, i.e. "resting in peace".

The moral of the story is not that we should just sit and do nothing all our lives but that while working and doing our designated jobs, not to get lost in the idea of more and more.

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