Monday, July 4, 2011

Movie Review: Delly Belly

Last week I saw an interview of Ram Gopal Verma for the promotion of one of his latest movies. He said something which I believe was very true for the current state of Indian Cinema. He said that times are changing. There was a time when movies celebrated their 100 days, then it came down to 50 days, then weeks and now it has come down to a weekend. Now, movies make their major collection on its release date and the following weekend. And to pull the crowd to the cinema one needs to promote an intense shock and awe effect before the release.

This is precisely what I believe Aamir Khan did with Delly Belly. The promos were filled with expletives and even the lyrics of all the songs were not like they would make anyone proud but were enough to create that ripple effect. They say that to actually experience the difference between good and bad you actually need to see and experience the bad. This was more a reason for me to see the movie. I actually like Aamir Khan movies but frankly speaking this one was not for me and it left me in bad taste.

Of course this movie belongs to a genre where the story is not important. But still, the first part of the movie did not even made me laugh. There was hardly anything funny. The movie took a long time to build its base. There were some funny situations in the second part but still it was not really up to the mark. If someone claims the humor in the movie to be slapstick then I would say that even that was not done efficiently to create a laugh.Vijay Raaz did create some comic sequences and I think was the only funny guy in the movie. But otherwise, the movie was a damp squib.

I already see a big fan following for the film but I am not surprised to see most of its fans from a pool of youngsters who use the F word more like an exclamation mark in a sentence than anything else. And if only hearing people swearing words in every sentence gives a kick to such youngsters then why to spend money to watch a movie? They can simply go and stand outside any desi theka or wine shop and hear and watch much more amusing stuff than the movie !

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