Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Gluttony as charged !

Normally, I don't like taking pictures of food. I prefer to bring it to its right place asap i.e. stomach. But a few weeks back, me and biwi prepared manchurian with noodles and it came out pretty good. Biwi forced me to take pictures and they came out good as well. Thought of sharing on my blog for a change to the lighter but fulfilling side of life.

I love cooking and feel that it is the best stress buster in the whole world. No matter what mood I am in, whether it is anger, depression, tension or anything else, it tends to mellow it down to pure pleasure. If there is anything I would like to do in my life at some point of time is to open my own Restaurant.


The Gardener said...

Good to see you back.
As there was no post by you after the one about the Elections, I was not visiting your blog. I did it today and found your latest posts.

I am a good eater but my attempts at cooking were disastrous. You may read my post 'Chicken Chulbuli' narrating my travel in cooking.

You may also read my latest post on Indian politics.

Hope you will be regular in you posts. said...

I try my best but sometimes I just dont get the time ... not a good excuse though :)

The Gardener said...


Hope to read your next post soon. It is only the busiest people who find time for everything. said...

Happy New Year, Sir !! Yes, next post coming soon. Already in draft. In India right now. Will post once back. Keeping track of your Singapore posts :)