Friday, October 12, 2012

The University and Religion Analogy

As a continuation of my previous post here, I wanted to draw an analogy which I have in mind.

The organization of Religion to me is analogous to a university where you take admission to learn. You take up a religion to learn about how to live your life.

University:Your end goal is to get a graduation degree.
Religion: Your end goal is to "reach" God and become "one" with God.

University: There are different departments at the university like Mechanical, Computer Sc, Automobile, etc
Religion: There are different religions in the world with different names like the Abrahamic religions of the West and Middle East or the religions of the far east.  
[Just like after school anyone can take a subject/department of his choice at the university due to liking or on recommendation of friends and family, similarly one can take up any religion based on choice or recommendations.]

University: There can be different uniforms for the different departments, different mode of teachings, different set of rules and regulations to follow in each department etc.
Religion: Each individual religion can also has its own set of rules, different methodology of teaching, different sense of dressing etc.
[Just like one religion say it is okay to eat meat and the other prohibits it. That does not mean one is better than the other. It should just be taken as a rule or condition keeping in focus the end goal to get the graduation degree. More often than not, people who take up religion keep fighting on such petty issues and forgetting the end goal.]

University: There can be different forms of test for each department.
Religion: There can be different set of tests for each individual religions.
[Just like the tests and exams for the mechanical department maybe on a Lathe machine and that of Computer Sc on a computer or laptop similarly one religion might test you by asking you to fast or another by asking you to give up worldly possessions or another by asking you some rituals etc. But the end goal is still to be with God.]

University: Once you end up with all the learning and going through all the tests taking your time you finally become a Graduate.
Religion: At the end of the complete process or even a lifetime you are finally one with God.
[Just like at the end of time you are recognized more as a Graduate with a particular specialization in a department, similarly at the end of your religious life once you are one with God it is not much important which path (religion) you took to reach Him. The end result is that you finally found Him.]

I know the above might sound very naive and unrealistic but still I feel if we allow others to follow what they want until it does not harm others in any way, things might be better in the world. No religion is above any other and should be considered as different paths to reach the same end goal. Because as a believe of faith I cannot believe or agree that "if" there is really a supreme power running this universe, then it distinguishes between someone eating meat or not eating meat, fasting or not fasting. I think HE would be more interested to see how you lead your own life and how well you treat others around you and how well you make you world a better place to live in.

But, till we realize what I said above, I also cannot deny the saying ... Misinterpretation is an easy stick to beat people with. I hope TIME prove me otherwise.


Pattu Raj said...

There were people down the ages who have realised and felt the way you do/follow the ways you do. They said it in simple words. I know of one who lived till recently , ( few decades back), Vadalur Vallalaar(வடலூர் வள்ளலார்)பொங்குபல சமயமெனும் நதிகள் எலாம் புகுந்து கலந்திட நிறைவாய்ப் பொங்கி ஓங்கும் கங்குகரை காணாத கடலே ..

You may not follow what is written here, but I wanted to share these powerful words with you; you who feels the same.

I am glad there are people who go about with this tolerance.May your tribe increase. said...

I will definitely google and check about the person you mentioned. It is always nice to read about like minded people :)

Rakhi said...

I don't have time to read your post right now. Will do that later. But wanted to tell you that you should definitely have let me know that you were in Paris. We could have met up.I was there till early August. :)
And here's wishing you many more walks to Notre Dame. said...

I didn't knew if you were interested. Anyways, there is always a next time :)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say you have a great site and thanks for posting!…

Anonymous said...

Straight to the point and well written! Why can't everyone else be like this?

Zephyr said...

That was a great analogy. Before the British and later the vote bank politics happened, Hinduism was all about this analogy. It assimilated, grew and thrived with all the assimilation from other religions and tolerance. With the division based on religion, first of the country and then of the electorate, the religion has assumed intolerance as its doctrine. There are still many millions like me who practice the religion in the same spirit. In fact, to repeat a cliched phrase, Hinduism is just a way of life and one is born into it or assumes it by living like one. Which is why there are no conversions in it.

The Gardener said...

Long time, no see??????????????? said...

@Zephyr: I wish more and more people thought that way :)

@Gardener: Life going through some big changes, Sir! Spare time getting squeezed :)

The Gardener said...

It is only a busy person who finds time to do what he/she really likes. said...

@Gardener: :)