Monday, June 20, 2011

Latest on the Playlist

I had always admired the Coke Studio show by Rohail Hyatt. And in its new season, I am hooked on to two pieces played in the first couple of episodes. Not so surprisingly, Sanam Marvi is back again in this season and I just adore her singing. So the first one is from her. I feel she is one of the few singers who really sings from her heart. With the voice she has and the command on those vocals, she could be the new Abida Parveen of the future.

The second one is from the classical Qawalli singers. What impressed me the most was how the new age instruments had gelled so good with the classical singing. But this is not new from Coke Studio. They had been always very innovative at creating new music.

If you like the Sufi and Qawalli genre then I am sure you will also enjoy these two presentations.

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